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Information for contestants of ‘WorldProof 2016’

International Market manifestation on Sunday, 1 May 2016 from 11:00-19:00 in Apeldoorn.

The location is unknown for now. We will keep you posted!

Conditions for participating:

Commercial organizations pay €65 – €120,00 exl btw per stall, depending of the size of the stall and terrace.

Not commercial organizations pay €40,00 inc btw per stall.

Included in the costs for participants are: Central terrace, cleaningcosts, and costs for using the podium and music installation.

Stalls: Length: 4m / width 1m, included: roof, and the back is open.
Stalls have power outlets.
You have to bring your own approved power cable with a length of 20 meter if you want to use the closest power outlet.

Contestants will organize their musical contribution for their own country.
Contestants have to apply early for their musical contribution at the organisation crew.The organization is responsible for the music program and the next performance.
Italy will take care of an 2 hour long musical program because they are the special host of this year.
The other countries will take care of the remainder hours, with  a minimal of 30 minutes for each country.
The organization will use the musical information of ‘Apeldoorn Worldproof’ in her programme.

Information market structure for Sunday 1 May 2016.

Market stalls will be delivered on Sunday 1 May at 07:00.
Picnic tables will be delivered on Sunday 1 May at 08:00 and power supplies at 09:00.
Building the stalls for contestants on Sunday morning at 08:30.


There is no running water available. Please bring your own water.